La Barbe Australia is the Aussie chapter of French satirical feminist group La Barbe. Since March 2008, the bearded operatives of La Barbe have been gate-crashing high-level political, economic and cultural events to congratulate the organisers on their efforts to uphold the patriarchy. La Barbe (meaning ‘the beard’ or ‘what a drag!’) now have offspring organisations in Copenhagen & Mexico (where they’re called Las Bigtonas – The Great Moustaches).

Aussie Beard Manifesto!

La Barbe! is an international organisation of women who use humour, direct action and facts to highlight ridiculous situations of inequality between men and women.

Our satirically bearded operatives infiltrate and congratulate male-dominated institutions on their efforts to uphold the patriarchy. We use the resulting confusion and bemusement as a platform to relay facts about inequalities between men and women. We aim to hold a mirror up to the unequal representation of men and women in powerful, influential sectors of society, and to make this inequality visible to the wider community.

When women have equal power, we’ll put down our whiskers. Until then…


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